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Bank on Us for your Banking Needs.

Combining Banking and financial services with technology have proven a profitable step in comparison to the traditional methods. BFSI i.e. Banking, Financial services and Insurance is always the talk of the market in one way or the another.

Almost every person is associated with the industry to meet their needs. Making use of financial software development services has not only helped the organizations but also the end customers in more than one way.

Learning Made Simple.

Education sector is one of the fastest sectors which is adapting major technology advancement like no other firms so far. The successful implantation of education sector such as E-Classrooms, online learning, Educational Chatbots, virtual online examinations and learning management software, are all derived from the high potential of technological progress which the former industry has adopted so far.

True Data, possesses a heavy experience in the development areas of Education software solutions and therefore understands and is able to mitigate the issues arising in learning and educational management digital ends.

Publishers Life Made Easy.

Publishing firms have attracted a lot of attention, with respect to their transformation from all the way from papers to now internet medium. With an increased web consumption among masses, publishing firms have taken this opportunity, to turn the tables into profitable businesses.

Although consumerism on which side is more is still a debate, still there is absolutely no doubt that Publishing firms are leaving no stone turned to explore all possible ways to stay updated in terms of both technologies and time.

Mobile Application – The next Era of Individualism.

Mobile Applications is the easiest way to reach maximum number of consumers in minimal amount of time. Whether it is an iOS Application or an android mobile app development, True Data Soft can offer you a stand out application. Our team includes best mobile app developers and professionals from the industry.

At True Data Soft we also offer Custom app development services. Whether you have an unique idea or a half developed application, our team can work their magic on them.

The Era of advanced health solutions.

The amalgamation of technology with healthcare has made the dream of a healthy world. Be it healthcare mobile app development or software solutions for healthcare, most of the patients have been benefited with the convenience of everything in their palms.

True Data is one of the successful healthcare software development companies. Our team of professionals understands technology like their back of hand and always stay updated about the latest amendments.

Scripting Made Easy.

JavaScript is one of the biggest tool behind any webpage providing the kind of dynamicity it projects to its end-users. It is used for enhancing user interfaces, dynamically updating webpages, adding animations or videos, adding 3D- 2D graphics, applying maps and much more.

Basically it’s not wrong to say that what all makes a webpage attractive today, is the work of JavaScript development services.Since JavaScript is supported by almost all browsers including the very popular Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and even fully supported by many mobile browsers too.