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Retail and E-commerce Driven by Technology.

One of the major technological advancement witnessed in this modern internet era, is the profitable growth of E-commerce industry on a global scale. With times like now, where E-commerce is fully engrossed into providing services ranging from Lifestyle to Daily needs to its end-clients. This opened a wide door for E-commerce to seek vast digital solutions for its website and mobile apps development, POS and billing development, overall automation requirements, supply chain logistical solutions, infrastructure enhancement, architectural tailoring and maintenance.

Shopping with technology

True Data being a major Retail and E-Commerce Software Development company can help retail clients provide a strong comeback so that they grab the nerves of this competitive market zone. With services like AI to AR/VR E-commerce Apps Development, building Web to mobile Retail apps, brand marketing – (campaigns, caller, email marketing, real-time advertisements), Point-Of-Sales Services, we provide our retailers with a way out of non-autonomous and outdated processes, which enhances their business advancements. Our Offerings

Build Shopping Apps which can run on all iOS/Android/Windows platform and can be easily accessed on tablets, smartphones or reading pads.
Providing an uncompromised quality on interface built, keeping innovation as top-priority to attract shoppers.
Provide End-to-end Mobile Retail re-building app solutions for existing apps requiring performance boost.
Providing Modern accounting Ecommerce Software Solutions with GST based modules.
Building retail inventory management software for Ecommerce clients so that they can always have a upper-hand on new arrivals and expiring products.
Providing Billing Retail and ecommerce website development software, with proper vouchers, discount, scanning and barcodes based features.
Building, analytical and Statistical apps to have a real-time insight of business improvements.

Creating web and mobile apps, for Retail clients which provides Sales Predictions based on Big Data algorithmic approach.
Providing overall Retail solutions, for Sentiment analysis and Shoppers behaviour analysis to improve interface and shopping experience.
Building Chatbots with strong Algorithmic background to ensure its ability to highlight end-clients’ liking based product popups.
Developing complete Chatbot Retail Software Solutions, to achieve enhanced shoppers’ query, record and feedback evaluation goals.
Providing end to end solutions for services like Facebook, web and personalized training Chatbots.
Building powerful and robust Recognition web and mobile Retail apps, to help end-clients with automated shopping solutions
360- degree viewing Ecommerce apps development for ideas like Product Display or Art-gallery tours
Re-Building and adding AI modules to existing apps with facial and picture recognitions for Retail apps like Trial Rooms or Real-time Jewellery or Specs trials.